Dr. William Ellis

Interventional Pain Medicine

Hardtner Welcomes Dr. William Ellis

Hardtner Medical Center is pleased to add yet another healthcare service for our citizens to remain healthy. Beginning January, 2019, Dr. William Ellis, Board Certified Anesthesiologist will see patients and perform pain-relieving injections at Hardtner Surgery Center.

Interventional pain management is a healthy alternative to addictive pain medications and while only a temporary relief (3-12 months on average), can help relieve pain enough in order to assist the body in restoring and healing through exercise and therapy that might otherwise not be tolerable. If pain returns after a certain amount of time repeat treatments can be performed.

Those in pain are often searching for relief that will allow a return to normal daily living and working. This type of procedure may be the answer.

Please note that Dr. Ellis does NOT manage pain medications and this is not a pain management program. There will be no prescriptions given for pain relieving drugs.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, Ph. 318-495-3880.