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Hardtner Medical Center Announces Closure of Hardtner Life Phases Inpatient Mental Health Unit


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HARDTNER MEDICAL CENTER Announces Closure of Hardtner Life Phases Inpatient Mental Health Unit

OLLA, LA., February 8, 2024 – The Board and Management of Hardtner Medical Center have announced the closure of Hardtner Life Phases Inpatient Geriatric Mental Health Services.

After many years of providing top quality inpatient mental health services to our elderly population, the economic environment no longer affords the ability to provide such services. For several years the hospital has been unable to cover the costs of providing such services. The continuation of exponential losses has begun to bring a burden of challenges that are insurmountable.

Geriatric inpatient mental health services are paid mostly on a fixed cost per day. The rate of reimbursements from Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial insurance companies have failed miserably to keep up with the rising costs of labor, drugs, and other costs. Particularly the most recent three years have seen the losses increase substantially due to inflation. The unit has also struggled with the volume of patients needed to sustain the services. Increased competition and resistance from payers have contributed to the decline despite increased marketing efforts.

Hardtner Medical Center will continue to provide mental health services through its’ outpatient department, intensive outpatient program, and clinic services. Qualified mental health professionals including psychiatrists, mental health certified nurse practitioners, licensed clinical social workers, and professional counselors will remain to meet this need.

Many of the employees displaced from the closure of Life Phases have already secured positions within the hospital in other departments filling open staffing needs. There are a total of 22 full-time and 14 part-time employees employed on the unit. Hardtner’s total employment exceeds 400 employees. A 90-day notice has been given to allow for a smooth transition. Patients will continue to be accepted with closure announced for April 30, 2024.

For additional information on the closure of Hardtner Life Phases, contact Paul G. Mathews, CEO or visit www.hardtnermedical.com.

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