Hardtner Dermatology Services

Expert Care for Your Skin: Hardtner Dermatology Services

Welcome to Hardtner Medical Center, where our expert dermatology team offers comprehensive care for all your skin health needs.

What dermatology services does Hardtner Medical Center offer?

Our dermatology services include diagnosing and treating a wide range of skin, hair, and nail disorders, including cosmetic issues like scarring and hair loss.

Are there specialized dermatologists at Hardtner Medical Center?

Yes, our team includes board-certified dermatologists like Dr. Virginia Lewis, who specialize in a broad spectrum of dermatological conditions.

What skin conditions are treated at Hardtner Medical Center’s dermatology department?

We treat conditions such as acne, eczema, hair loss, nail fungus, psoriasis, skin cancer, and rosacea, among others.

Does Hardtner Medical Center provide pediatric dermatology services?

Our services cater to a wide range of age groups, and we are equipped to address skin conditions affecting children as well as adults.

Can I get cosmetic dermatology services at Hardtner Medical Center?

Yes, we offer cosmetic dermatology services, focusing on both the health and aesthetic aspects of skin care.

How do I schedule a dermatology appointment at Hardtner Medical Center?

Patients can schedule an appointment by contacting Dr. Virginia Lewis’s clinic directly at (318) 495-4046 for professional consultation and care.

Does Hardtner Medical Center offer treatments for skin cancer?

Our dermatology department provides specialized treatments for skin cancer, offering advanced care options.

What are the laser and light therapies available at Hardtner Medical Center?

While specific laser and light therapies are not detailed, our department utilizes state-of-the-art technologies for various dermatological treatments.

Are there advanced diagnostic tools for skin conditions at Hardtner Medical Center?

We employ advanced diagnostic tools to accurately identify and treat a wide range of skin conditions, ensuring precise and effective care.

What types of skin allergies can be treated at Hardtner Medical Center?

We treat various skin allergies, offering tailored solutions to manage and alleviate allergic skin reactions effectively.

Does Hardtner Medical Center provide dermatological surgery services?

Our dermatology services include surgical options for certain conditions, carried out by our skilled dermatological surgeons.

Can I receive acne treatment at Hardtner Medical Center?

Yes, we provide comprehensive acne treatments, addressing both the causes and symptoms of acne for clearer, healthier skin.

What anti-aging treatments are available at Hardtner Medical Center?

We offer various anti-aging treatments, focusing on reducing signs of aging and rejuvenating the skin.

Are psoriasis treatments offered at Hardtner Medical Center?

Treatments for psoriasis are available, utilizing the latest medical advancements to manage and alleviate this condition.

Does Hardtner Medical Center have dermatologists who specialize in eczema?

Our dermatologists are experienced in treating eczema, providing personalized care plans to manage this condition effectively.

How does Hardtner Medical Center approach mole and wart removal?

We offer safe and effective mole and wart removal services, employing the latest techniques for optimal results.

Are there hair loss treatments available at Hardtner Medical Center’s dermatology department?

Our dermatology department provides treatments for hair loss, utilizing both medical and cosmetic approaches to address this concern.

What are the qualifications of dermatologists at Hardtner Medical Center?

Our dermatologists, including Dr. Virginia Lewis, are board-certified, with extensive training in treating over 3,000 skin diseases.

For a detailed look at our dermatology services, please visit Hardtner Medical Center’s Dermatology page.